IOKeep : Cloud Backup

As organizations adopt platform services on the cloud hosting provider, it becomes essential to back up the configuration of these to ensure rollback in terms of incident.

Solutions that enable configuration recovery are known as Cloud Infrastructure Recovery Assurance Software (CIRAS).

IOKeep makes it easy to back up and recover cloud environments, while protecting their configuration.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP: terms of service clearly state that technical support for customer projects is for the customer only. In other words, all service configuration is carried out by the customer, who is responsible for its lifecycle: creation, modification and deletion.

6. Technical support services.

6.1 By the Customer. The Customer is responsible for providing technical support for its Applications and Projects.

The definition of “Project” can be found in the same document:

Set of Google Cloud Platform resources configured by the Customer through the Services.

So GCP doesn’t keep a backup of your service configuration.

IOKeep is currently available for Google Cloud Platform.